MRCOOL 24,000 BTU R410A 14 SEER Single Phase Packaged A/C Only


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MRCOOL is an industry leading manufacturer in  various types, styles, configurations, and performance for
1. -Packaged Heat Pumps | 2. -Air Conditioners | 3. -Packed Gas/Electric Units | 4. -Various Air Handlers | 5. -Evaporator Coil  6. -Gas Furnaces | 7. -Modular Air Systems | 8. -Mini-Split Systems | 9. -Heat Pumps |
As stated on MRCOOL’s website |   MRCOOL *Official* WEBSITE  | the mission and focus for this entity is focused on proactively implementing more efficient or decreased/increased performing units (that typically fall outside of tunits/products outside the industry standard (passed down) performing units research,  design, testing’s, and approved/listed air handling (ventilation) solutions for the residential/commercial air movement/ventilation markets

Product Specifications & Catalog for: 2023 MR COOL [*pdf*]

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