12CPFD Centrifugal Vent Set Blower Forward Curved Wheel Direct Drive

Utility Sets / CP: Steel and Aluminum Vent Sets

CP: Steel and Aluminum Vent Sets
LOREN COOK COMPANY CP centrifugal utility vent sets offer durability and reliability in a self-contained package.

About Centrifugal Fans: A centrifugal wheel brings air in parallel to the axis of rotation and discharges air perpendicular to the axis of rotation. As a general rule, it is preferred for higher pressure exhaust and ducted systems

CP’s are ideal for low to medium volume and pressure applications. They are available in a number of wheel options for maximum performance flexibility.
Produced in an ISO 9001 Certified facility.
Listed by Underwriters Laboratory (UL 705) and UL Listed for Canada (cUL 705).
Rotatable housing is standard on all models. Discharge flanges are standard on all belt drive models, except in downblast or bottom angular down discharge positions (see Catalog page 17).

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