GN-422 Gemini Inline Exhaust Fan

Loren Cook Company

Loren Cook Fans. Series to include ACED, ACEDEC, ACEB, ACRUD, ACRUDEC, ACRUB, ACWD, ACWDEC, ACWB, VCRD, VCRDEC, VCR, Gemini Ceiling Fans (GC & GN), GC122-184, GC220-960, GC1000-2000, GN122-184, GN220-960, GN1000-2000, DB, SQN-D, SQND-EC, SQN-B, SQN-HP, SQI-D, SQI-B, SQI-HP, CVD, CVB, CPV, CPS, KSPB, ASP, XWD, XLW, XMW, WLWH, XMWH, XLP, XLPH, XMP, XMPH, LXUL, LXUM, REBEL, GI, GR, PR, TR, ACCESSORIES.

Some products may have a production lead time. Please contact [email protected] for any assistance on pricing and production time.

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