290 MHA Industrial Material Handler Backward Inclined Flat Blade Belt Driven Single Width, Single Inlet

IMH: Industrial Material Handler

Cook industrial material handler provides for continuous movement of material-laden air. It is well suited for installations involving exhaust, material conveying, pollution control, air circulation and a variety of other uses. Type IMH fans are available in standard arrangements 1, 4, 8, 9, and 10 and in special designs by consultation with the factory. Standard duty construction allows for operation up to 12,000 FPM tip speed. Heavy duty designs include tip speeds to 20,000 FPM. Type IMH is available with a full range of accessories allowing it to be adapted to many different applications.

All sizes and arrangements can be field rotated to any of the standard discharge positions. In addition, models MH and MHR can be reversed in the field to obtain clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. Models MHA and MHB cannot be reversed.
All units have continuously welded housings for leak-free operation.
All sizes are provided with lifting lugs for ease of handling.
The bearing pedestal is securely bolted to the scroll to allow field rotation and reversing if required.
Standard bearings are grease lubricated and self-aligning ball or spherical roller type selected for a minimum of 200,000 hours average life.
Standard shafting is minimum AISI-C-1045 turned, ground and polished steel sized for critical speed or at least 125 percent of cataloged maximum speed.

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