647-3688 COVERS UP SPRAY 13 OZ


647-3688 COVERS UP SPRAY 13 OZ Package quantity: 6 CN / CA


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Zinsser® Covers Up, TM, ain Sling Ceiling Paints, Product Details: Vertil aerosol for overhd professional projects, Quick cure for water ains, Grt hide, non-yellowing, Low odor – all purpose interior use, WARNING: ncer and Reproductive Harm – | Big talog Page#: 2012:442 | Brand: ZINSSER | pacity Vol. [Nom]: 13 oz | Color: White | Country of Origin: US | Dry Ht Resiance [Max]: N/A | Finish: Flat | Hazmat: YES | MPI talog: NO | Packing Type: Aerosol n