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Vent-A-Fume- In-place Fume Extractors FE-500, FE-800, FE-1200

Vent-A-Fume In-place Fume Extractors

Removing and ventilating undesirable fumes produced by welding, soldering, laser cutting, plasma cutting, and similar operations is a critical concern in today’s safety-conscious work environment. Vent-A-Fume offers an economical way to keep your work area clean, safe, and comfortable.

Unlike exhaust fans or fixed overhead hoods, Vent-A-Fume goes right to the source to capture and remove virtually all process emissions – fumes, odors, and excess heat. It employs a negative pressure system that exhausts all fumes quickly to the outside or into existing ductwork.

1 year warranty

Performance Features:
Easy to install – all mounting components included
Can be easily moved to a different location – an advantage over exhaust fans and fixed overhead hoods
Can be modified for multiple work stations
Larger volume fans and hazardous-duty motors available
Three standard styles of hood support arms available
One-year factory warranty with an option to extend the warranty an additional three years. (Click for details.)

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