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Efficient Silent Array (ESA)

Efficient Silent Array (ESA)Direct Drive Plenum FanThe PennBarry™ Efficient Silent Array is a modular, direct drive plenum fan with a flexible and scalable design. Fully capable in standalone applications, the Efficient Silent Array excels as a matrix solution to provide increased system performance and maximize system uptime while lowering overall cost.


Efficient Silent Array ESA
The PennBarry Efficient Silent Array is a direct drive plenum fan with the flexibility to be used singularly or in parallel so you can construct
a multiple fan system to meet the exact performance criteria for your application.
The ESA Advantage
• Fan redundancy ensures the system continues to perform, even with a fan in the array shut off
• Stackable, individual units allow flexibility to meet any design criteria
• Direct drive premium NEMA motor eliminates bearings, belts, and pulleys, reducing maintenance costs significantly
• Motor base optimization eliminates unnecessary, wasteful, and costly materials
• Eliminates all resonance conditions
• PennBarry’s proprietary balance process improves on currently accepted AMCA specifications by considering the effects of the
rotating mass on the units as a whole, not just the wheel
• Modular units fit through standard door opening for retrofit applications
• Sound panels enclose the fan and motor to reduce attenuation levels
Applications Systems
• High performance VAV systems
• Air Handlers
• Rooftop units
• General supply and return exhaust
• Telecom data centers
• Clean rooms
ESA Features
• Available sizes: 10” through 40”
• 9 or 12 blade, aluminum airfoil wheel
• G90 mechanically fastened frame
• Performance: up to 10 in-wg and 76% efficiency

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