200 KSPB Filtered Kitchen Supply Packaged Ventilator Side or Bottom Discharge Belt Drive

KSP: Filtered Kitchen Supply Packaged Ventilator Series

KSPB Series Loren Cook Exhaust Fan. Products may have 8-12 day lead time depending on model. Please contact All Around Industry Supply at support@allaroundindustrysupply.com or call us at (234)855-8883.

LOREN COOK COMPANY’s KSP product line provides maximum performance and durability in kitchen supply applications.

  • The insulated top cover provides weather protection for the motor and drive components.
    Quick release latches provide tool-free access for inspection and maintenance of motor and drive components.
  • Blower assembly is supported by rubber isolators to reduce noise and vibration level transmitted to the supporting structure.
  • Integral 3” skirt with pre-punched mounting holes for ease of installation.
  • Intake hood with 1” permanent, washable aluminum filters standard.
  • Reinforcing cross breaks in intake hood top to prevent drumming.
  • Minimum 18 gauge galvanized steel housing.
    Corrosion resistant fasteners.


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