LSUG60 Low Silhouette Upblast Gravity Vents

LSUG Series

Low Silhouette Upblast
Gravity Vents

LSUG is a low silhouette, gravity relief, upblast ventilator designed for use on vertical high velocity exhaust systems.
LSUG units include damper doors and a high volume rain gutter to prevent water infiltration.
LSUG units are available in 7 sizes from 24 to 60 inches.
Description: Unit shall be a low silhouette gravity upblast ventilator

Construction: The unit shall be of bolted and welded construction utilizing corrosion resistant fasteners. The fan housing and base shall be minimum 14 gauge and the baffle shall be a minimum 18 gauge steel. Unit shall have built-in butterfly dampers of aluminum or steel construction (aluminum on sizes 24-36, steel 42-60). Curb cap corners shall be continuously welded for maximum leak protection. The wind band shall be continuously seam welded with rolled flanges on each end for strength.

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