365FCP Single Width Single Inlet FRP Belt Drive Exhaust Fan

FCP Series

FCP / FCP-66
Single Width Single Inlet FRP Belt Drive Exhaust Fan
Description: Fan shall be a fiber-reinforced plastic resin, single width, single inlet,
backward inclined airfoil, Arrangement 10, belt driven Class II centrifugal blower.
Certifications: Fan shall be manufactured at an ISO 9001 certified facility. Fan
shall bear the AMCA certified ratings seal for sound and air performance.
Construction: The fan shall be of bolted construction with stainless steel
fasteners. Fasteners in the airstream shall be encapsulated in resin to further
protect against corrosion. Structural parts shall be made of either fiber-reinforced
plastic resin or epoxy coated steel. All fiberglass resin to be formulated to
achieve a Class I flame spread below 25. All resin surfaces shall have additional
chemical, flame and ultraviolet protective top coating. A neoprene shaft seal
shall be provided. The fan housing shall be field rotatable to any one of eight
discharge positions and shall have an outlet discharge flange for duct connection.
Unit shall have the motor and drives enclosed in an OSHA motor compartment.
Nameplate shall indicate design CFM, static pressure, and maximum fan RPM.
Unit shall be shipped in ISTA certified transit tested packaging.
Wheel: Wheel shall be centrifugal airfoil backward inclined, constructed of
fiber-reinforced vinylester resin, molded and formed in one solid piece of the
specified rotation. Wheels constructed of separately molded shroud, floats
and backplate and then assembled are considered unacceptable. Wheel shall
include a precision machined aluminum hub encapsulated in resin. Wheel inlet
shall overlap an aerodynamic inlet cone to provide maximum performance and
efficiency. Wheel shall be balanced in accordance with AMCA Standard 204-05,
Balance Quality and Vibration Levels for Fans.
Motor: Motor shall be NEMA Design B with Class B insulation rated for continuous
duty and furnished at the specified voltage, phase and enclosure.
Bearings: Construction shall be heavy duty regreasable ball or roller type in a cast
iron pillow block housing selected for a minimum L50 life in excess of 250,000
hours at maximum cataloged operating speed.
Blower Shaft: Blower shaft shall be AISI C-1045 hot rolled and accurately turned,
ground and polished with an FRP sleeve in the airstream for protection. Shafting
shall be sized for a critical speed of at least 125% of maximum RPM.
Belts and Drives: Belts shall be oil and heat resistant, static conducting. Drives
shall be precision machined cast iron type, keyed and securely attached to the
wheel and motor shafts. Drives shall be sized for 150% of the installed motor
horsepower. The variable pitch motor drive must be factory set to the specified
fan RPM.

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