ERV Series

ERV: Energy Recovery Ventilator
A challenge facing today’s HVAC engineer is how to meet ASHRAE Standard 62, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, while conserving valuable energy resources needed to condition that outdoor air. LOREN COOK COMPANY’s Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) provides an economical solution to this design challenge. The ERV offers a wide performance range, high pressure capabilities, and high energy recovery efficiencies. This product delivers where it counts most – first cost savings, performance efficiencies, durability, and easy maintenance. The Cook ERV is available in two direct drive sizes and eight belt drive sizes ranging from 500 to 10,000 cfm.
The primary component of the ERV is a durable, rotating enthalpy wheel. The wheel features a spirally wound, fluted air channel design providing ultra low pressure drop and eliminates lateral leakage within the wheel. The mass provided by the 4” wheel depth allows for excellent sensible heat transfer. The manufacturing process used to create the wheel media is unique to the industry, allowing synthetic absorption type desiccant to be combined with synthetic fiber substrate while it is still a liquid. This process distributes a much higher volume of desiccant throughout the media, not just on the surface, resulting in excellent latent heat transfer. This also assures that the media will not suffer any degradation in adsorption performance during its long and trouble free operating lifetime.

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