Fantech – SQ SERIES SQAB1254/6/8 Square Plate Axial Flow Fan


The SQ Series of square plate axial flow fans is a high quality,
robust product with 9 sizes ranging from 315 to 1250mm
diameter. They are suitable for a wide range of commercial
and industrial applications.
Typical Applications
Capable of exhausting or supplying air in diverse environments
ie. ambient air, hot air, as well as toxic, noxious, corrosive and
explosive gases. See Special Note.
Features O Heavy duty, hot-dipped galvanised steel construction.
O Wide range of speeds and capacities available.
O Speed-controllable using variable speed drives.
O Conical inlet improves air flow and noise performance.
O Case available in other materials such as stainless steel.
O Can be supplied with special coatings.
O Tech-Lock® bushes are standard to facilitate the easy
removal and fitting of impellers for cleaning and
O Impeller blades are injection moulded GRP. Aluminium,
nylon and anti-static blades are also available for explosion
risk applications.
O For Smoke-Spill applications – The SQ Series has been
tested to meet the air performance and high temperature
test requirements of Standards AS/NZS1668.1:1998 and
O Can be mounted in any position.
O Extensive range of matching ancillary equipment available.

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