Fantech – HB SERIES HB14E Light Commercial Exhaust Fan


The Filtered Supply Unit Series fan has been designed to
provide filtered outside air to a range of applications. Can be
wired in high, medium and low speed and includes a high
performance cross flow impeller.
Typical Applications
Supplies filtered air for applications from switchrooms
and dataroom pressurisation to libraries and classrooms.
Also suitable for areas that are typically serviced by
under-ceiling air conditioning units where a direct supply fresh
air intake is not possible or practical.
Features O Durable zinc coated steel housing, powder-coated
O Designed for in-wall mounting.
O Strong and secure all steel construction.
O Weatherproof, inlet grille is standard.
O Powder-coated axial flow fan.
O 3-speed facility, connected on-site.
O G4 filter included as standard, see Special Notes.

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