The EziFit In-Wall exhaust fan mounts flush with the exterior wall
of the building. It is barely visible, very powerful and easily
accessible if cleaning or maintenance is required. It provides the
most effective solution for exhausting air from downstairs rooms
in two storey homes.
Typical Applications
Particularly suited to downstairs exhaust air applications in two
storey homes where ducting needs to pass between floors.
These applications include powder rooms, toilets, laundries,
bathrooms and ensuites.
Features O Finishes flush to the external wall of the building.
O Neutral colour grille complements most brick colours.
O Fitted with insect-proof cover.
O Connects to 150mm diameter duct.
O The unit can exhaust from a number of points.
O Provides quiet, powerful exhaust.
O 3-speeds can be obtained using the DSS1-16,
3-speed switch (optional).
O Duct and grille kits are available (optional).

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